Training Sessions:

Classroom and Storytelling

All of our training sessions, whether 2 hours of lecturing or 3 days of training, begin with the importance of language and geography when speaking to and about Indigenous histories and realities.


At Seventh Generation, we believe that language and geography hold power that has been used to inflict violence both historically and in the present day, and until this is understood, meaningful work cannot be done.


Grounding each session in understanding the importance of the words we speak and the land we stand on is the first pillar in cultural competency work that is meant not only for today's workplace and people, but the seven generations of both to come.

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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, consultation meetings, as well as training programs, can be offered through online formats. 

Consulting Packages:

All of our consulting packages are designed around ending pan-Indigenization. Whether we are consulting you on how to alter your hiring and retention practices, how to better work with Indigenous clients, or how to create a community-specific consultation process for an upcoming development project, Seventh Generation is dedicated to an Indigenous-first approach that will build better practices and policies for you and your organization, and create lasting relationships with Indigenous clients and parties.


At Seventh Generation, we are confident that our historically and legally informed consulting is industry-leading. Our expertise in the legal landscape that influences Indigeneity in Canada allows us to better understand the diversity issues and needs of your organization and Indigenous partners. 

Public Programs

We believe that every person should have the ability to explore how to de-colonize their life. That is why we are happy to offer public program courses that anyone can take. The individual courses are organized to be self-paced in a certain time frame, where the participants learn to conceptualize their everyday language and actions in an Indigenous-first way. By exploring the history and power behind the words we use and actions we take, participants will engage with their own colonial histories while developing the tools to decolonize their life and strengthen their allyship with Indigenous peoples.

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Indigenous diversity training and consulting for today's world, with seven generations in mind.

Every service we provide is dedicated to making today's world, and the seven generations to come, Indigenous-first.

Public Programs