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Veronica Guido

Founder and Consultant


Seventh Generation Diversity & Consulting started with a simple idea: to teach and share the histories and realities of Indigenous peoples in an accessible, meaningful way. 

After years of creating and leading multiple cultural competency sessions and training on various historical and legal issues for schools and organizations throughout her Law and Master's of Law degrees, and writing her Master's thesis on Anishinaabe laws on the duty to consult and accommodate, Veronica decided to start Seventh Generation as a way to offer her knowledge and training to a wider audience. With three degrees specialized and focused on the history, law and politics of Aboriginal and Indigenous law in Canada, and a Ph.D. underway furthering this research, Veronica is an expert in the complex landscape of Indigeneity in Canada, as well as the legal and constitutional duty to consult and accommodate. 

Veronica has a BA Hons in Political Science from York University where her focus was on Aboriginal law and policies. During her BA, she was a selected participant of the United Nations Model Arctic Council in Fairbanks, Alaska, where her work on Indigenous youth suicide prevention and safe and affordable access to clean drinking water was recognized for excellency by the Arctic Council. 


Veronica received her Juris Doctor law degree from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. She specialized her law degree in Aboriginal law, specifically the duty to consult and accommodate, through the Certificate in Aboriginal Legal Studies, where she did original research on the duty to accommodate. She went on to article and practice in Aboriginal law. During her law degree, she worked with Rama First Nation, Aboriginal Legal Services Toronto, and the Ontario Ministry of Indigenous Affairs.

Veronica received her research LLM Master's of Law from Osgoode Hall. Her thesis was on Anishinaabe laws on land, rights and decision making, and how they can influence the current Canadian legal understanding on the duty to consult and accommodate. During her LLM, she was the recipient of many awards, including the Canada-wide Canadian Energy Law Foundation's Graduate Scholarship. She was also a selected presenter at multiple graduate conferences and guest lectured in multiple University and College classes.

Veronica is Called to the Bar in Ontario and is a member of the Ontario Bar Association and the Indigenous Bar Association. She is of mixed ancestry: her father is from Italy and her mother is non-status First Nation from Northern Ontario.

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The uniqueness of Indigeneity and your organization is at the heart of all our services. Our goal is to dismantle pan-Indigenization in all its forms.

All of our services are focused on and lead by the complex historical and legal reality of Canada, allowing organizations and individuals to delve deep into various topics and issues that surround Indigeneity, as well as how Indigeneity intersects with your organization. We operate with seven generations in mind: doing all we can to make a better world for today and the seven generations to come.


Our goal is to help organizations and individuals better understand the lived reality of many Indigenous peoples and groups in Canada, so to create a more diverse, Indigenous-first workplace and consultation processes. As people and businesses operating in Canada, we all have a role to play in the decolonization of our land and peoples. We are all Treaty people, which means we have a responsibility to uphold the Treaties. At Seventh Generation, we are dedicated to demystifying what it means to be Canadian, both as individuals and as businesses, making education and training accessible and attainable for all. 

We recognize that every organization is unique, as are the individuals within it and the work that they do. That is why Seventh Generation Diversity & Consulting is dedicated to a tailored experience. Each training program we offer will be customized to the issues and topics that you want. By discussing your organization, the work you do, and the individuals involved, we will be able to create a service that is right for you, your organization, and the work you do.

The uniqueness of your organization and the Indigenous communities you serve, work with, or work for is also at the heart of all our consulting services. Indigenous peoples in Canada are the largest growing demographic, and Toronto has the largest demographic of Indigenous peoples in all of Ontario. Within these demographics are a vast range of peoples, communities and Indigeneities. Bringing an end to pan-Indigenization is at the core of our mission, and we are dedicated to making each service achieve this, whether it be consulting on your organization's culture, your practices and policies when working with and for Indigenous clients, or conducting a training workshop on diversity.