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Indigenous diversity training and consulting for today's world, with seven generations in mind.


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About Us

Seventh Generation Diversity & Consulting offers Indigenous cultural diversity training and consulting for businesses, schools, and organizations that focus on the diversity and uniqueness of First Nation, Inuit and Metis communities throughout Canada. We also offer consulting for companies and government bodies involved in the legal and constitutional duty to consult and accommodate, which aims to create community-focused consultation protocols and practices.


Lead by the complex history and legal landscape that surrounds Indigenous culture, identity and reality in Canada, Seventh Generation Diversity & Consulting provides services that help individuals and organizations achieve an understanding of Indigeneity in Canada while developing tools to create a more diverse, Indigenous-first workplace. Our services include one-on-one consulting, cultural competency sessions and training, and multi-day diversity training programs, all of which are tailored to the needs of your organization. 

Seventh Generation Diversity & Consulting is located in Toronto, Ontario and is founded and run by Veronica Guido, a mixed Indigenous lawyer and advocate. Veronica has a BA in Political Science from York University, a law degree (JD) and Certificate in Aboriginal law from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, and a Master's of Law (LLM) from Osgoode Hall where she researched Anishinaabe law and the duty to consult and accommodate. 


She has been writing about Aboriginal and Indigenous laws and histories, and running sessions on Indigenous diversity and cultural competency since 2017.


Our Programs at a Glance

We offer a variety of programs and consulting packages to best suit your diversity training and consulting needs. We call our services Classroom, Storytelling and Consulting.


Hourly cultural competency sessions designed for classrooms and small groups looking to learn more about a specific area of Canadian history.


Hourly, full-day and multi-day diversity training workshops for companies, start-ups, and organizations tailored to you.


One-on-one consulting for Indigenous-first practices and policies.

Classroom & Storytelling

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Hourly Sessions

Hourly sessions​ perfect for schools, small company sessions, and corporate training. Hourly sessions are also perfect for keynote speaking and guest lectures.


Sessions vary from 2 hours to 4 hours, and can be tailored to touch on specific historical, legal and/or diversity topics. Sessions can either be delivered lecture style or workshop style, depending on the organization.

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Full Day Training

Full-day training for small and large groups. Training can be tailored to touch on specific historical, legal and/or diversity topics, and can be divided into multiple hour-long sessions to cover various topics/issues.


Full-day sessions are approximately 7 hours of training and are designed in workshop style.

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Multi-day Training

Multiple full-day training for small and large groups, perfect for retreats, multiple topics, or large companies who want the same session offered multiple times. Training can be tailored to touch on specific historical, legal and/or diversity topics.

Each day's session is approximately 7 hours of training and designed in workshop style. Multi-day packages vary from 2 to 4 days.


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Diversity Consulting

Consulting designed to better in-house diversity and equity practices, addressing points such as hiring and recruitment policies, tokensim, and company culture.

Native Drums

Working with Indigenous Peoples and Communities

Consulting designed to better company interaction with Indigenous peoples and communities, whether it be with company staff, clients, patients, or parties to agreements or legal challenges.

Within this consulting, training can be organized for upper management, staff or organizers.

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Consulting Indigenous Communities

Consulting desgined to better consultation and accommodation practices of energy sector companies and government bodies who are fulfilling or have been delegated the legal and constitutional duty to consult, and consultation protocols of Indigenous communities. 

Consulting will allow for a community-specific consultation process, with a focus on erasing pan-Indigenization, and enhancing use of community laws, protocols and governance structures.

Within this consulting, training can be organized for upper management, staff or organizers.


"Veronica put on multiple cultural competency sessions for the Faculty of Nursing. Each one was insightful, engaging, and helped future nurses understand the histories of our future patients."

Victoria, Indigenous Student Rep., McMaster University

"Veronica ran a virtual session for our team on National Truth and Reconciliation Day that was not only very informative and eye-opening, but also actionable, which is something that was really important for our team to take away from this discussion. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we hope to have her back for more learning opportunities in the future. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to explore and learn more about Indigenous Rights."

Chelsey K., Research Project Manager, Google Canada